Soapy's Favorite Banana Chips - 4 OZ - *Organic

  • $6.00

The original 100 calorie snack! This extremely versatile health super fruit is stout and plump with a delightful tangy and sweet. These types of bananas are available year round however shelf life and ripeness can be short. These naturally slow dried banana chips with no added sugar or preservatives taste great without having to compromise on freshness. Perfect for a snack when you are looking for an energy boost. Bananas are a good source of iron, loaded with potassium, contains tryptophan (a chemical that is needed to help you sleep), healthy fiber, and it prevents GERD and acid reflux as well. You can reduce discomfort and pain after heavy meals. Bananas act as an anti-irritant and reducing swelling.

You will receive 4 oz of delicious slow dried bananas. The strips are hand cut and packed in a food-grade Kraft Zip-Lock envelope. The envelope is securely heat sealed to obstruct any tampering and boost product freshness.

We can ship anywhere in the United States. We try our best to ship daily - however due to the nature of the product some orders may take up to 3 days to ship. The usual processing time is 2 days. We ship via United States Post Service which quotes 2-5 days within the continental United States.

♥ Ingredients: Organic Apple Bananas